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Linux Distributions Supported by Netdigix

Netdigix provides a wide range of infrastructure support services for Linux and Open Source software. We specialize in hosting infrastructure and corporate Linux environments, and offering a complete line of support services for each category. For companies with more focused or customized requirements, Netdigix offers custom built managed Linux services and infrastructure builds. We focus on deployment, integration, development and administrative training. With managed Linux support, your business can get on with doing what it does best, without worrying about the performance or security of the network. At Netdigix we offer a full range of managed Linux support, and Linux supports many popular server applications, including Apache and Postfix. Linux, and full support for server applications, email servers, and web servers. The Linux operating system is UNIX-like and has an excellent reputation as a networking environment.

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Linux Support and Consulting
Debian Linux
Redhat Linux
Redhat Enterprise Linux
CentOS Consulting Linux
Redhat Fedora – Linux
Mandrake Mandriva – Linux
Suse Novell Linux
Gentoo Linux

linux consulting and linux support services in Vancouver Canada

Linux Networking
Linux load balancing
Linux firewalling
Linux routers
Linux VPN
SAMBA (Windows server integration)
Unix Support and Consulting
Open BSD Unix
Free BSD Unix

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