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Setting up a basic Wi-Fi network at home can seem like a very simple task to some people and an increasingly daunting task for others. The process can quickly get much more complicated when you introduce different operating systems and types of devices, as well as the added need for more advanced features like firewalls, guest networks, access controls and QoS settings. And that’s only for decidedly basic internet access in the home.

Isn’t the reliability, security, and quality of your business network even more important? A patchwork solution will quickly get riddled with issues and problems. Save yourself the headache and hire the professionals at Netdigix to plan and design the ideal network configuration for the specific needs of your business in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Our team of highly-trained technicians and IT consultants offer a wealth of enterprise-based expertise, employing industry-recommended best practices in our network design. We serve businesses of many sizes and in many verticals, managing projects with both small business equipment and enterprise equipment to best suit the work environment.

Design a Secure Network

Providing wired, wireless and hybrid network designs, Netdigix also understands the mission critical importance of your network and data security. We offer robust intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems (IDS and IPS) that continuously monitor all network activity to protect against hackers and malicious attacks, oftentimes thwarting intrusions before they become a real threat. Netdigix network security infrastructure and hardware partners include Fortinet and SonicWALL, as well as Cisco Systems and EnGenius Tech.

We ensure stability and reliability with redundant Internet solutions. We keep the network safe with firewall rule management. We are prepared to address all of your networking needs, both internally via Intranet providing your staff with a safe and secure Internet browsing experience.

The network is the backbone to your company’s technology infrastructure. Demand nothing short of the best.


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