Computer Replacement and Upgrades in Vancouver

There is more to adding or replacing a computer in an office environment than simply buying the machine and plugging in the power cord. Netdigix has the experience, scalability and key industry expertise to help your business upgrade to the latest computer technology.

Our knowledgeable staff can help with your most important buying decisions, facilitating the selection and deployment of the right equipment for your specific circumstances to address your particular needs. The desktop computers in your office need to be upgraded on a regular basis to keep up with the pace of today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Netdigix works with businesses of many sizes across many industry verticals, so we are fully prepared to assess and advise on the technological needs of your company. We provide desktop upgrades, as well as full desktop rollouts and laptop deployments, configuring all of the equipment to work best within your existing IT environment.

The deployment of desktop and notebook PCs includes the installation and configuration of the operating systems, the installation of required software packages and tools, and the configuration of all settings and options for your office network and other infrastructure. Netdigix offers comprehensive project management for every step of the way, including post-deployment technical support.

Need the new computers to tap into the company Intranet upon deployment? We can do that. Need the laptops to be configured for easy remote desktop access and immediate remote access to company servers? We can do that. From firewall settings to cloud storage options, we eliminate the guesswork to ensure that all your computers are ready to go for your staff upon deployment.

Netdigix works with such trusted brands as HP, Dell and Lenovo to custom-tailor the ideal computer and technology solution for your business. We specialize in business grade equipment that is reliable, stable and robust enough to withstand the higher demands of a corporate or business environment. And with our expert project team setting up the systems and configuring the applications to run as designed, you can be sure of a problem-free experience for all your users.


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