Linux firewall support & security services

Support for linux firewall technologies such as iptables

Netdigix support many linux firewall technologies such as IPTABLES and Squid. We can setup and configure firewalls, gateways and proxy servers in base or completely custom configurations.What can I do with iptables & iproute?

  • build internet firewalls and gateways based on stateless and stateful packet filtering
  • use NAT and masquerading for sharing internet access if you don’t have enough public IP addresses
  • use NAT to implement transparent proxies with products such as Squid
  • aid the tc and iproute2 systems used to build sophisticated QoS and policy routers
  • do further packet manipulation (mangling) like altering the TOS/DSCP/ECN bits of the IP header
  • Control your IPTABLES through control panels and custom web applications such as PHP, Apache, CGI and others

Netdigix also supports a suit of Linux and open sourced based software’s to enhance your firewall and security capabilities. These technologies include Intrusion detection with products like SNORT and TRIPWIRE. Firewall Management and configuration utilities such as Shorewall, IPCOP, Webmin and many other web and graphic interface configuration consoles.

Linux networking and Linux firewall support/consulting services in Vancouver BC
Why do I need a firewall? When you connect your computer or server to the Internet, you are physically connecting your network to well over 50,000 unknown networks and all of their users. This poses a great risk to your network and information security. Having a firewall helps prevent the possibility of hackers, viruses, trojan horses and other malicious attacks from happening.

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