Vancouver Samba consulting & support services

Windows & Linux file sharing: setup, installation, support & repair

Samba is an open sources suit of softwares that provies seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. This means that companies now have an alternative to Windows authentication (active directory authentication) and Windows file sharing and workgroup services. Benefits and some of the services Samba can perform are:

¤ Authentication for Windows domains
¤ File shareing for Windows desktops and servers
¤ Windows and Linux integration
¤ Print servers
¤ Windows logon scripts
¤ Name resolution servicesTechnologies supported:
¤ SWAT – Samba Web Administration Tool
¤ Webmin – Webmin server administration interface
¤ LDAP – LDAP directory integrationBenefits
¤ Save money on licensing costs for a Windows server operating system
¤ Perfect solution for small and medium sized networks
¤ Stable and Customizable
¤ Best alternative to Microsoft
¤ Can integrate into Microsoft Active directory domains

How much can you really save by using SAMBA?
¤ A Windows 2003 server OEM license with 5 user CAL costs approximately 975$
¤ Each additional Client access license will cost approximately 115$ per user
¤ For a company of 10 users that brings the total to 1550$ for software licensing
(about the price of an entry level server)

¤ A Linux server software and Samba costs 0$ and takes about the same amount of time to deploy and maintain.