Office Moves and IT Setup in Vancouver

Moving to a new office can be a very exciting time for any business. It can also be a time filled with a lot of stress and anxiety as all the little details continue to pile up. There may be new office furniture to be purchased, as well as the logistics of moving all vendor and partner accounts over to the new address. Customers and suppliers need to be informed. And then there is all the computer and networking equipment that needs to be migrated and set up in the new location.

Particularly if you’ve been in your current office location for a number of years and the office infrastructure is one that has been altered, adapted and added to multiple times, it can be a significant technical challenge to continue with business as usual immediately following the move. Netdigix expert technicians and staff are well experienced with office moves of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our project management skills provide you with the peace of mind you need, ensuring that the move proceeds as smoothly as possible.

We offer a comprehensive moving service over an IT perspective, starting with the well-planned and organized teardown of your current computer and network equipment, physically moving the hardware to the new location, and completely setting it back up at the new office so you can get back to business in a timely manner. This can include the individual workstations for employees, network drives, server racks, networked printers, Intranet connections, ISP configuration and more. Netdigix makes it easy.

Let us take care of the entire process, moving all terminals and desktop computers, setting up the new wired or wireless network that it is best suited for the new location, and establishing the phone systems that you require. Full network migration and server migration services are available, providing for a seamlessly replicated transition. A full office move is also a fantastic opportunity to rework the technology infrastructure, optimizing its performance and reliability right from the start. This facilitates hardware and software upgrades down the road.


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