Vancouver IT Support

Vancouver is a world-class city with many diverse sustainable businesses which includes a prosperous financial core. As a result of this, Vancouver attracts entrepreneurs of all stripes. The city has a highly developed local Economic Commission, 22 official Business-Improvement Associations and about seven million total square feet in office space in the metro core alone. Vancouver businesses are plentiful and require robust Vancouver-based IT services.

Vancouver is known for having Canada’s best tech startup ecosystem. Vancouver’s tech and startup businesses have demanding infrastructure challenges with far-ranging needs. Vancouver companies require a competitive edge for their information-technology foundations.

There has been significant growth in the need for professional IT-support solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Vancouver businesses need hardware, software and internet to flourish in the competitive business landscape. Here is a list of the services and solutions most commonly needed in


Vancouver IT Services

  • Managed IT Services
  • Local Cloud Hosting
  • IT-Support Services
    • Windows Support
    • Linux Support
    • Mac Support
    • Network Support
    • Printer Support

  • IT Consulting and Management
  • IT Sales
    • Hardware
    • Information-Technology Accessories
    • Software Programs
    • Software Licensing
    • Internet Services
    • Equipment Leasing


NETDIGIX, Vancouver’s IT Support Service Provider

NETDIGIX is one of Metro Vancouver’s leading companies for IT-support services. Businesses come to NETDIGIX for IT consulting and help with their unique IT-infrastructure needs.

NETDIGIX complements Vancouver’s strong business environment with reliable information and technology support, IT server-management and wireless-information services.