Server Upgrade & Support in Vancouver

Upgrade your server to improve performance and stability

Is your server slow? Are your staff continuously complaining about server crashes, disconnections and no disk space? Then it may be time to upgrade your server. With Netdigix we will come onsite to fully assess your company’s requirements for a server upgrade. It may be a brand new server migration or upgrading and maintaining the current system. With the standard life expectancy for any server that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week is about 3-4 years with proper maintenance before hardware and software failure are more likely to occur. Our goal at Netdigix is to give our clients optimal service at the best ROI (return on investment). What can we offer your company?

  • Stable network and server
  • Improve speed and overall performance
  • Restore confidence in your IT services
  • Future planning and budgeting
  • Professional service since 1999
  • Onsite, certified technicians
  • Authorized dell partner
  • We work with virtually any manufacturer


Should you Upgrade or Replace your server?

If your answer YES to any of the questions below please give us a call and ask about one of our service packages today, and increase overall network performance tomorrow!

    1. Your server is slow or the CPU is consistently 50% or higher
    2. You spend more time working on the server then you take for lunch
    3. Your server is out of warranty
    4. There is little or no more disk space
    5. Your server freezes up sometimes for short or long periods of time
    6. Your server has crashed in the past
    7. You have a feeling that your server could crash at any time
    8. Your server is making funny noises

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