IT Disaster Recovery Consulting in Vancouver

Overwhelming windstorms, powerful rainstorms, floods, landslides and unexpected electrical fires are unfortunate accidents and can be devastating to any business. While insurance policies can help to recover some of the financial losses suffered, they cannot bring back the invaluable business data stored on your computer and network equipment. Sensitive customer information, critical internal financial documents, and confidential files related to intellectual property. All of this company data must be safely secured and backed up in the case of catastrophic failure or physical damage. At Netdigix, we work with you to establish a technology infrastructure that can return your company to business as usual following a disaster of any magnitude. From simple hardware issues to an office that has been utterly decimated, our backup and recovery solutions ensure that all data can be safely and completely restored.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Our disaster recovery portfolio includes full disk backups, tape backup for archival-quality reliability over time, and convenient online backups that can be safely and securely accessed via internet. On-site backups are the fastest and most convenient taking incremental updates several times a day. It is highly recommended that this is supplemented by an off-site solution, with multiple ways of recovery to protect against mass physical damage to the local backups. As part of the business continuity planning we work with you to determine the best interval for remote backups. As well as the number of recovery points to be stored to manage the amount of cloud storage required. Proper planning and preparation are critical. Our team of highly-experienced professionals have the key industry expertise to recommend the most suitable data backup infrastructure—for hardware, software and configuration—for your business. We can plan, deploy and maintain these systems for you ready to spring into action if a disaster strikes. Our vendor partners include such trusted names as StorageCraft, Backup Exec, and Veeam Software.

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