Redhat Enterprise Linux Consulting/Support Services

Linux support & consulting services for Redhat Enterprise

For Linux systems, Redhat Linux offers server support services that simply can’t be beat. Netdigix mail server support is available for IMAP/POP mail, Sendmail, Postfix, and others. Antivirus protection is safe and secure, using ClamAV, and SpamAssasin, as well as monitoring inbound connections for known trouble sites, and spam distributions. Redhat is excellent for VOIP services, and network security is enhanced through the use of firewalls, SSL, and IPSec.Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading platform for open source computing. It is sold by subscription, delivers continuous value and is certified by top enterprise hardware and software vendors. From the desktop to the datacenter, Enterprise Linux couples the innovation of open source technology and the stability of a true enterprise-class platform.Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the premier platform for enterprise workloads. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 builds on this tradition by providing innovative new technology, unprecedented reliability, scalability, performance, and security as well as compatibility with existing applications. The Red Hat subscription model delivers customer value and great flexibility in your infrastructure.

Red Hat is a trusted partner in multiple ways:

    • As an engineering partner, Red Hat drives innovation in core Linux in areas such as memory management, schedulers, storage and storage management, networking, power management, the tickless kernel, and virtualization. Red Hat also drives innovation in specialized areas, such as the AMQP message bus, a high-performance software communications package designed for transaction processing, and real-time.
    • Red Hat has collaborative relationships with all major hardware companies, including processors, systems, peripherals such as network controllers and storage controllers, and graphics. These relationships include sharing of roadmaps and schedules, joint development of solutions, and joint support and problem resolution if customers should encounter issues.
    • Red Hat spans domains, working with the Linux community, industry, partners, and customers to develop, deliver, and support the best platform for enterprise applications.
    • Red Hat: Value leader, trusted partner, leading contributor, reliable supplier, and safe choice.
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