Most people don’t realize the importance of warranties until there is something wrong. Everyone has their own scary story about an appliance or tool or gadget that dies right after the warranty expires and how unlucky they were. These stories get told and retold because no one thinks a warranty brings value until it, of course, does. In IT, it’s more important than ever when it’s your business on the line.

IT Warranties fall into a few basic categories. Hardware, Mission Critical Hardware and Software. Hardware warranties are part of your insurance plans, keeping your business continuity protected from an IT standpoint.

Statistically, computer hardware offers a huge percentage of uptime, and it often seems like hardware warranties are the first area to be chosen for cost saving initiatives. You can see below how this choice can end up severely affecting your business continuity and productivity.

Let’s compare two scenarios.

Scenario 1:

A small business is running a server for email and file storage. Their device is 12 months past the manufacturer’s warranty end date and has never had any major problems beyond power outages. One night, the server crashes and won’t turn on. The owners now have to contact a technician to triage the problem, then order the necessary part(s) which can be a lengthy and expensive process. We’re now talking several days to potential weeks before your workflow returns to normal and this can translate into significant lost opportunities and productivity for your employees.

Scenario 2:

This time, this same business has a failure and they call their vendor. If it’s a Basic, Next Business Day warranty, then a technician will visit onsite, usually with parts on hand, and the device is running again within 1-2 business days. If the business chooses Mission Critical type coverage, then a technician is normally onsite with parts in hard within 4 hours, at any time of day. You can see how the one time warranty expense becomes a huge value versus the lost productivity and opportunities for your business.

In IT, we talk a lot about Best Practices, and when it comes to your business’s technology the best practice we preach is ‘Plan Ahead’. Servers, software, users, all the pieces of your network can be protected and when it comes to Hardware, the Warranty is King. Make sure your devices are covered today.

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