The world is changing. People are working remotely more than ever, and boardrooms are turning into ghost towns with empty chairs and dusty tables. 

Having the proper video conferencing tools can not only make the meeting run smoothly, they can also cater to your individual needs and requirements. 

Below are two of our favourite video conferencing tools, and how they can make everyone’s lives easier, even the not so tech-savvy individuals in the group! 

Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings 

These two platforms are proving to be the powerhouses in the video conferencing world. 

They are helping people connect through multiple platforms, devices and from anywhere in the world! 

Use Teams and Zoom as a Chat Tool 

Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom, you can chat with up to 250, or even 10,000 people if you get the webinar or live events features! 

You can chat from anywhere, and easily maneuver from chat to video conferencing with a simple tap of your finger. 

You can send meeting invites through your email, and people can easily join from any device that they are using. 

Share your screen easily and pin specific speakers to control who you are watching. 

Secure Your Privacy

Both Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings have security tools which help you maintain your privacy. 

Some security tools include having passwords to join the meeting, setting up the meeting with encryptions, having a waiting room for attendees as well as having screen-share watermarks and audio signatures. 

Use the Teams and Zoom Mobile Apps

No computer, no problem! Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings are available on both Android and Apple devices. 

Have some Fun! 

Play with fun backgrounds to give your presentation that extra little pizazz! 

Why Microsoft Teams is our #1 Favourite – It is a Fantastic Collaboration Tool! 

In Microsoft Teams you can organize, access, share and edit Microsoft files in real time! These include Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel files. 

You Only Need One MASTER Copy 

When the files are updated, they are automatically saved. No need to download a copy and re-upload, it’s super easy! 

There is NO Reason for Miscommunication!  

You can create and reply to comments directly in the documents and files. This is a great chance for direct feedback without having documents or comments lost in limbo. 

TIP: On the mobile app, you can still view all the documents and files shared through the Teams share. 

Final Thoughts 

Keep it simple and easy with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings. Utilize them to make conference calls smooth and seamless, while enjoying the customizability of each one. 

Keep an eye out for future posts digging deeper into each of these tools and watch them go head to head over which one is the BEST!