Have you considered using a mobility plan for your small business? Did you know that Telus offers competitive pricing for small businesses looking for better plans with lower costs? 

Check out our simple breakdown of Telus’ Mobility Plans and how they could benefit your small business!

Notes About Telus Mobility Plans: 

  • Always remember that mobility plans are subject to change at any time. 
  • Telus Mobility plans include call display, voicemail 10, call waiting, conference calling, call forwarding (2500 local minutes) and Easy Roam.
  • Use the Telus Easy Payment Plan if you are purchasing a new device. This is a plan where you choose how to pay off your device within 24 months. 

Discounts and Promotions to Look Out For: 

  • If you bring your own device and have two or more subscribers on your contract porting into the same line, you could get a $5.00 discount every month for 24 months. This is called a ‘Port-in Credit’. 
  • Also, the more lines you have on your contract, each additional line is only $5.00! For example, if you have two lines it is $10.00 per line, and if you have 3 lines it is $15.00 per line. This is called a Multi Unit Discount. 
  • With the Telus Easy Payment Plan, you will receive a $35 bill credit each month for 3 months! 

Peace of Mind for Business – Non-Shareable Data: 

  • If you bring your own device, this plan offers 10GB or 20GB of data starting at $75.00 per month.
  • If you go over your data, the speed is reduced to 512Kbps instead of charging you extra. 
  • If you NEED that data speed, you can pay an additional $15 for a 3GB Fast Pass. 

Simple Share Plan for Business – Shareable Data: 

  • This plan can be paired with the Peace of Mind for Business plan as well as the Multi-Unit Discount discussed above. 
  • The main advantage of this plan, is you can share the data in your business, meaning you can get up to 70GB of data on your plan, depending on the add-on of your choice. 
  • If you go over your data, there are additional charges; $10.00/100MB up to $70.00/700MB – then $0.15/MB afterwards. 
  • If you activate with the Telus Easy Payment plan, you will receive 3 months free, as well as if you need a new device, you can also get the $365.00 bill credit for 3 months! 

Do You Have a Tablet? Telus offers Peace of Mind for Business Tablet plans that can help you out! 

  • If you bring your own device, right now you can get 5GB of data for $20.00 per month, or 3GB of data for $15.00 per month. 
  • If you want to buy a new tablet, Telus has different options to choose from! 

Okay so what’s the point?

Regardless of your service provider, you need fast and reliable speeds to increase your business’ productivity. Faster speeds mean faster answers, which means faster end results! 

Using providers such as Telus, can keep you and those in your business connected, as well as it can help you save costs on data! 

We all want to save money, so why not get in on some Small Business focused mobility plans that can help you stay connected to your customers and employees; because in the end, happy customers and happy employees mean a happy long-lived business! 

If you have any questions regarding the Telus Small Business mobility plans or are curious what it is like to use it, feel free to give us a call here at Netdigix!