Network cable testing service for cat5e, cat6 & Fibre

Test, troubleshoot, install and verify network cables

Test/Verify/Certify your network cables for cat5e, cat6 & gigabit speeds

If you have a network cable install, moved into a new office with network cables or an old network cable install you may want to have it tested or verified to pass cat5e speeds. Netdigix uses Industry leading equipment to verify how much speed your network cable runs are really passing. this is not just a simple continuity test that most other low budget cable installers do but a sophisticated test that actually measures the speed of data passing over the network lines. 

Think you have a slow network or under performing network?

What do we test?

  • Performance certify and troubleshoot all LAN hardware and cabling.
  • All 10MB, 100MB and Gigabit networks 1000MB
  • Cable length test
  • Open, shorts, split pairs, splits distance
  • NEXT, FEXT (Near/Far end cross talk)
  • Attenuation, Hot splits
  • Test existing cables for higher speeds
  • Spot faulty wiring closet jumpers, connectors & faulty terminations
  • Identify excessively noisy cables
  • Verify cable installations done by electricians
  • Identify network bottlenecks caused by slow running links

What do you get?

  • Speed test results in soft copy form or hard copy
  • Peace of mind that your network cable install reaches adequate speeds
  • Options for proper labelling if required

What other services do we offer?

  • Cable run installation cat5e, cat6
  • Re-terminating cut or disconnected cable runs
  • Installing new patch panels
  • Cable cleanup
  • Server room cleanup

Fiber (Fibre) Optics cable testing

Have your fiber optics cable installes tested to light speeds, Netdigix tests your fibre for loss attenuation, breaks and other fault tests with our state of the art fiber testing equipment. We can let you know if your fibre install was properly done and also install or repair your fiber cables if required.

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