Network Cabling, Data cabling & VOIP cabling

Netdigix provides data/network cabling & voice wiring services

In today’s ever dependant technology workplace data speed and reliability are the key to success and productivity. Communications networks have to cope with the rapidly increasing volumes of voice/VOIP, data and multimedia traffic, to insure that these networks are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is critical to your business performance. Netdigix specializes in enterprise class and data center quality data and voice cabling in a structured network environments. We understand that the backbone of all IT infrastructure rely on stable, high speed communications and since 1999 We have selected the best in class communications and networking products in order to offer our clients the best in value, performance and reliability.

structured cabling, network cabling, network cables installations in Vancouver
Raised flooring
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network cabling in vancouver bc canada
48 port patch panels
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network wiring, cabling, installation services in vancouver canada
Main backbone run
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structured cabling for vancouver datacenters, office buildings
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  • Copper network cabling for category 5 (cat5) cabling, category 5e (cat5e) cabling, category 6 (cat6) cabling, ANSI/EIA/TIA cable standards
  • Fiber cables, Single mode, Multimode for long distance and interference free communication.
  • Structured cabling for Office buildings (small, medium and enterprise sized business), Data centres, call centres, small offices and warehouses.
  • Network cable management and design for small to large scale cable plants
  • Voice cabling (both pbx and voip) and network data cabling.
  • Premise wiring and Structured network and telco cabling.
  • High Quality telco grade Network wiring, patch panels and jacks.
  • Cat5 and Cat6 patch cables Check for details
  • Test your network cable install Click for details

Unlike our competition which may also do communications wiring. along with electrical (their main focus), Netdigix is focused and dedicated on specializing in only data and communications wiring. Our installations are installed and tested against industry standards such as Category 5e and Category 6 EIA/TIA specifications.

Netdigix Networking FAQ:
A:) Did you know that bad network cabling is one of the major causes of slow or underperforming networks? This slowness often leads to poor productivity and hours of lost work time!

B:) Netdigix Network cable plant installs are properly labeled and terminated as well as being tested against industry standard. Network cable plant installs also carry a limited lifetime warranty.

C:) Netdigix provides end to end connectivity solutions to our clients, from network cabling to providing and configuring switches, routers, firewalls, wireless devices and your phone switch/PBX.