With the exception of the world’s workaholics, most of us put in 8-10 hours-a-day – unlike our computer networks, which work around the clock. If your Managed IT Services Provider doesn’t do the same, you’re susceptible to attacks, system failures and various other issues that, when left unchecked, can be damaging or even fatal to your business. Here’s what you’ll need in server management & network monitoring so you can sleep at night…



24/7 Monitoring

Reputable Managed IT Services Providers will provide server monitoring and network monitoring to protect your business from unplanned downtime, and loss of productivity and revenue. Be sure that your plan includes regularly scheduled systems audits and security monitoring. Ask your provider about automated backups and business continuity monitoring to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Typically, technology only gets attention when it’s not working. Mitigate the mess with a Managed Services Partner who will make sure that you’re running updates. Get proactive!


24/7 Support

Be sure to choose a Managed IT Services Provider that’s available for local onsite maintenance and support. Ask about their response time; inquire about their Help Desk and make sure that they don’t forward calls to a call center; implement quarterly technology consulting meetings. You’re not getting the best from your employees when they’re struggling with technology!
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Security Protection

From theft to hackers to power outages to Acts of God, there’s more than one way for your technological infrastructure to be compromised. Managed firewalls, backup and security protection are worth their weight in gold. Having a disaster recovery plan in place with a trusted Managed Services Provider means you’re ready for any event, however disruptive.


Virus Protection

The management and maintenance of annual anti-virus renewals is arduous, to say the least. Organizations that find a Managed IT Services Provider to take care of their AV licensing requirements save money on administrative overheads and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their systems are safe from attacks.


Patch Management

Sadly, for many Managed IT Services Providers, patch management begins and ends with the installation of software updates. IT providers who keep software and operating systems updated and bug-free protect their clients from vulnerability.
The network and IT infrastructure is the backbone of every business. Make sure you’re in good hands.
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Third-party vendor partnerships are the best way to ensure stability for your network. When you’re in need of service & support, Managed IT Services Providers save you time by handling tech vendors. Find a provider who follows IT Best Practices and possesses expertise on the tools that you work with, and you’ll never have to do the heavy lifting.


Asset Tracking

If an organization isn’t investing in asset tracking, they’re likely losing both time and money. Asset tracking lowers administration costs, streamlines services and enables easy upscaling. Software and hardware reporting metrics provide valuable tools for assisting with compliance reporting and asset tracking. The right Managed IT Services Provider will always include this as part of their offerings.


Setting Your IT Budget

Whether you’re saving servicing time, curtailing costly calamities or mitigating future issues, Managed IT Services improve your bottom line. A conscientious Managed IT Provider provides advice and expertise for your yearly planning but also assists with the preparation of your future tech strategy. They’ll also provide virtual quarterly CIO components like corporate IT strategies, technology performance, budget planning and business impact analysis. Choose a forward-thinking Managed IT Services Provider with big picture sensibilities and you’re setting yourself up for success.

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