Microsoft has announced the end of support date for Windows Server 2003 and anyone with IT support duties, compliance concerns, or those making new deployment plans for 2015, need to be aware of this date. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of us in the industry, especially since Microsoft ended mainstream support for Server 2003 in 2010, but with 2015 already well underway now is the time to start planning your server replacement and migration. For larger organizations out there, it can take 150-200 days from approval to production says Microsoft, and now is the time to start that process with your IT managers. In today’s world of schedules and calendars and daily meetings, July may seem like a lifetime away in terms of your business, but the truth is that the more proactive you can be in planning your server migration/replacement, the easier the job will be, at the time for implementation. Working with your Microsoft Partner representative can make this process easy and as pain free as possible. Making sure your devices are transitioned smoothly makes it far easier to avoid that painful moment come summer when support ends. Hardware failures, PCI compliance, peace of mind, these are all perfect reasons to start your planning now, and Netdigix can help. There is a range of solutions to choose from that will work with your current setup or your planned expansions.

  • Cloud Hosted Services – Cloud hosting is no longer just on the horizon, it is the new standard for enterprise server deployment and can offer significant savings since you are only paying for what you use. Cloud services also offer the ability to scale up or down if needed (for example, you can reduce storage or bandwidth needs during a slow season).
  • A combination of services, cloud, onsite, virtual, hosted, can be designed to fit the needs of your company. Email can easily be moved to the cloud with Office 365, servers can be virtualized and migrated to already existing or new hardware and customer data could be left onsite if regulatory compliance requires it.
  • A new onsite solution running Windows 2012 – This option also allows for virtualization of the server and can reduce your hardware costs.

Are you going to be ready for the switch? Is your company prepared for the changes ahead and your IT needs for 2015 and beyond? Netdigix is your IT support partner and we can make the end of Windows 2003 support a seamless and easy transition. Contact us at 877-518-6695 or click this link Visit this link to see a great video from Microsoft explaining the Windows 2003 EOS announcement.   Netdigix Microsoft