Cloud Hosting
The marquee benefits of cloud hosting are well known but beyond the initial-use cases, there exists a deeper layer of perks that provide far more value than immediately meets the eye. First, let’s recap the obvious reasons why your head (and organization) should be in the clouds…

Cost Reduction

Be good to your bottom line! Implementing cloud technology means reducing technology infrastructure and capital spending. It negates the need for big-ticket items such as hardware, software and licensing fees. And because it’s a monthly cost rather than an upfront fee that requires amortization over years, you won’t blow your budget in the first quarter. In fact, most providers offer pay-as-you-go plans to fit the unique demands of multiple businesses. Cloud hosting is a cost-effective way of globalizing a leaner, meaner workforce with less required training hours and more growth potential.


Cloud hosting provides access from anywhere at any time, empowering you to monitor projects more effectively, and tactically maneuver without running the risk of putting people or finances at stake. By streamlining your processes, cloud technology enables you to stay on time and on budget. It uses one platform for all users and employs global management for system/software upgrades. This is why the cloud makes it easier than ever to achieve economies of scale with speed and efficiency.

But beyond these obvious benefits, cloud hosting can do so much more for you and your organization…

Tech Savvy Executives

In today’s competitive global arenas, organizations that know how to leverage their technological resources have the advantage. Studies suggest that upwards of 80% of IT budgets are used on routine housekeeping such as vendor hardware/software maintenance contracts, backups and power. Cloud hosting provides information technology personnel with the resources necessary for their businesses, whether they’re executives or external service providers.

Smooth System Integration

One of the most problematic elements of mergers and acquisitions is the time required to migrate data from one system to another. This isn’t just a Private Sector issue, either – governmental agencies often run into problems when attempting to consolidate agencies and departments. System-to-system manual coding is arduous, costly work. Cloud-based systems execute these transitions much faster.

Forward-thinking Flexibility

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established organization, time and money are the main two factors that most often impede the pursuit of new ideas and innovations. Cloud resources enable the rapid implementation of new configurations without the need for sizable support system investments.

Success Sharing

Cloud hosting enables the adoption and implementation of practices and processes that have been developed by other businesses. Rather than homogenizing products and services, this practice exposes customers to well-tested interfaces that have proven track records of delivering results.

Cloud Business & Third-Party Services

Cloud business is growing! As organizations invest in private cloud with resources such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware, they’re able to offer online services accessible to users on either side of their firewalls. And with the option of SAAS/SPLA monthly rental packages, you can invest in software as needed, rather than incurring sizeable upfront costs. Organizations that utilize third-party services are bundling these in with their own product families, resulting in a proliferation of online services that target both partners AND customers.

Cloud technology is continuing to grow and with it, opportunities to improve workflow, increase revenue and grow your organization.

The sky really is the limit.

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