Anything is possible when it comes to threats to your data. Data issues can come from just about anywhere. From a destructive employee, failing equipment, or a hacker from who knows where. And when this happens there are only two options; you are either prepared, or trying to recover. Losing data happens all the time, getting it back is where it gets complicated. Backups are a reliable service that guarantees you can recover reliably and quickly.

Our team of highly-experienced professionals have the key industry expertise to recommend the most suitable data backup infrastructure—for hardware, software and configuration—for your business. We can plan, deploy and maintain these systems for you ready, to spring into action if a disaster strikes.

There are two ways you can successfully backup your data, through the cloud, or buying and maintaining your own equipment. Over a three to five year span, the costs of buying and maintaining your own equipment can escalate quickly. This doesn’t include the burden of having to move your backups off-site and maintain adequate records of these backups, for when disaster strikes.

A cloud backup is a solution for securing your data in a secure offsite facility, for example one of our data centers located in Vancouver, BC, or Edmonton, Alberta is a seamless way to provide you with peace of mind. We can successfully backup your company data and set up a service plan based on the capacity, bandwidth and number of users and then provide you with the ability to launch your infrastructure directly in our facility.

One of the main advantages to a cloud hosting solution is the flexibility that it provides and the Netdigix web hosting portfolio reflects this versatility. Along with our IT managed services, world class technical support, and expert IT consulting services, Netdigix is proud to offer industry-leading cloud hosting to small and medium-sized businesses. We offer 100% Canadian-based hosting that keeps your data secure in Canada.

We are a proud Microsoft Silver Partner and offer only the best cloud services that can be integrated within your existing IT environment. There is no up-front capital investment needed for any hardware or software.

Some insurance policies can help to recover some of the financial losses but they cannot completely bring back the valuable business data stored on your computer and equipment. Get in touch with our sales department so we can help you establish a technology infrastructure that can return your company to business as soon as possible after a disaster of any impact.