Staying competitive in today’s economy can be a challenge for any business. And getting ahead even more so. Staying ahead means capitalizing on every opportunity to improve performance and profitability, while cutting costs without cutting corners. In this digital age the ability to effectively manage your information technology and communication resources will profoundly impact your bottom line.

Managed IT services

Over the past decade many companies have shifted from in-house IT departments to managed IT services for good reasons. Managed IT providers offer a range of flexible, affordable IT services for business. Managed services allow you to outsource as much of your IT monitoring, management and problem solving responsibilities to companies that specialize in providing on-demand IT solutions. A managed service provider can work in support of your in-house IT department or replace your in-house IT altogether. Managed IT services offer organizations with limited budgets access to leading-edge IT tools, specialized knowledge and a wealth of experience that would otherwise be out of reach for most small to mid-sized companies.

Flexible part-time/full-time/anytime IT support

Few small to mid-sized businesses can afford a full-time IT professional, let alone a team, to manage their IT needs. Due to the specialized nature of the trade, a full-time salary for an experienced IT professional can easily exceed $100,000 annually. Meanwhile many businesses only require IT assistance part-time or in troubled times. Managed services allow you to choose the level of IT support that fits yours needs and budget without compromising the quality of the service you receive. Service providers offer flexible, fixed-rate packages and a range of options to choose from. And rather than the standard 9 to 5, many managed service providers offer their services 24/7 so you have access to the support you need whenever you need it.

Reach high-level IT experts with a range of specializations without over-extending

Managed IT service companies employ a team of experts with a wide range of experts with varied industry focused specializations. A managed IT service is more likely to have the specialized knowledge required to solve the issue. The compensation for an in-house employee with various specializations would likely be at a higher cost.

Proactive IT solutions and strategic planning

Your managed IT service provider will monitor your network in order to pro-actively identify and troubleshoot potential problems. The goal is to stop issues arising even before they occur. Your service provider will take a preventive approach to maintenance, using business grade tools and processes to ensure your network remains up and running smoothly. Many companies will even include uptime guarantees in their contracts. A managed service can also provide you with a strategic, forward-looking plan to address future upgrades and identify any potential challenges that could cause a loss of uptime if left unattended.

Managed IT services—a competitive advantage for any business

In the digital era your ability to manage and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure is as important as any factor in your business’ success. You need every advantage available to stay competitive. While many larger organizations are equipped to field a full-time team of IT all-stars, most small to medium businesses simply cannot. However, a managed IT service provider evens the playing field and gives you the edge you need to lead in any market.

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