For many businesses, cloud hosting has become a popular choice in 2016 for its relative affordability and scalability. Many companies are considering making the switch from in-house data management to a managed cloud hosting service for a variety of reasons. There are many factors to consider when making this decision and often one overlooked question. Where should you be hosted geographically?

If you are located in North America there is no shortage of cloud hosting options. American and Canadian hosting providers offer services with comparable features and benefits. Likely the most major difference that affects your business is in the privacy of your data. In the USA, data falls under American law and the limited data protection legislation. Even if the data is owned by parties outside the USA, data that’s managed by an American hosting provider is subject to the American legal system, which includes the Patriot Act, and the limited privacy protection that entails. This means that the American government can access your confidential information at will if it’s deemed to be in the interest of national security. This could violate your privacy policy and even your customer privacy policies if you are storing their data.

Aside from privacy, price is always an important factor in all of your business decisions. The Canadian dollar is just coming off of a near 10 year low, while the US Dollar seems to be recovering quite well. If you are paying for a service in US dollars that service could cost quite a bit more than it would in Canada after the exchange rate. Even if you are located in the US it is still beneficial to pay in Canadian Dollars since you will get more bang for your buck.

If you are located in Canada there are other benefits to choosing a cloud hosting service north of the border. For Canadian companies it is beneficial to keep their data closer to their business as this will allow for quicker loading speeds. Loading speed of course translates to a better overall user experience. Clients may also be asking where you store your data and they may very well require that it is in Canada before giving you their business.

As demand for cloud hosting grows so too does the list of service providers offering to manage your confidential business data. However, for businesses looking to keep their data confidential and their hosting service reasonably priced, looking to a Canadian cloud hosting service might be both the best fit and the only option.


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