Windows server 2003 Shadow Copy

Shadow copy support, set up shadow copy for Windows data recovery

Studies have shown that human error. primarily accidental file deletion or modification. causes over one-third of all data loss. For the average business, whether a small, medium, or enterprise organization, the impact of lost data is at the least an inconvenience and at the worst a critical blow that can jeopardize daily operations.Microsoft� Windows Server. 2003 includes Shadow Copies of Shared Folders to help prevent inadvertent loss of data.Shadow copies are a low-cost way to recover from many file-related accidents caused by human error, such as accidentally deleting, corrupting, or editing a file.

Shadow Copies of Shared Folders helps alleviate data loss by creating shadow copies of files or folders that are stored on network file shares at pre-determined time intervals. In essence, a shadow copy is a previous version of the file or folder at a specific point in time.

What can shadow copies do for you?
¤ Backing up working files in Windows 2003
¤ Automatic backup for shared folders
¤ Retrieve older copies of files you worked on
¤ Revert back to older versions of your data
¤ Retrieve deleted files you worked on