Software Licensing

In addition to having the right hardware and network configuration for the job, your business also needs to be equipped with the right software. At Netdigix, we aim to be a full-service solution for companies of varying size and across multiple industry verticals. Our product specialists work with you to assess your needs and how the appropriate software packages can allow you and your employees to work smarter and more efficiently.

Our Partners

Netdigix has partnered with several major vendors and trusted names in business software, offering a full suite of solutions to our customers. For larger scale deployments requiring more specialized solutions, our enterprise software sales team can help you best understand how to address the growing needs of your business with room to scale up as your business continues to grow into the future.

Our Solutions

The wide array of Microsoft products, including full software licensing for varying team sizes and numbers of users, are available with access to our expert technicians for optimal installation, configuration and deployment. The standards of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are staples among nearly all businesses. We also offer solutions with Microsoft Server, Exchange email software, SharePoint team collaboration, Active Directory, Terminal Services and Hyper-V (formerly Windows Server Virtualization).

VMware virtualization is available for desktops, servers and cloud computing. We’ve partnered with Business Objects to provide Crystal Reports. Netdigix is also proud to offer a range of options in backup software and security software. Veeam Software is highly regarded for its backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management. To keep your data and machines safe, secure and free from harm, the Symantec suite of security solutions is one of the options that we provide. This includes enterprise-ready anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, plus Endpoint protection and Backup Exec backup software.

With our expertise and experience in network design, hardware deployment, server setup, project management, technical support, hosting services and software licensing, Netdigix aims to provide all its customers with a cohesive and comprehensive IT solution custom tailored to their business.


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