Managed Cloud Solutions in Vancouver Canada

What if your technology always worked, was available anywhere, and never exceeded budget? Sound too good to be true? Not anymore!

Technology is changing rapidly and days of complex networks, expensive up front projects, and packed server rooms are past.

Our Managed Cloud solution provides a scalable IT solution designed to deliver 100% of your critical business services from our data centers. This will eliminate unnecessary spending on infrastructure, guarantee service levels for all services, and empower your users with secure access from any device, anywhere.


  • Out of Control IT Spending – need to replace an old server? Time for a major network upgrade? Unexpected capital costs are the bane of traditional IT solutions.
  • Under-utilized Employees – do you employees have their critical business tools available all the time, wherever they are?
  • Poor IT Management – most IT providers benefit when you have a failure, since that’s when they send you a bill. Is your current IT management solution working for you, or against you?
  • Power Outages – most businesses lack suitable server room infrastructure and therefore often experience business downtime as result. Is your current IT infrastructure protected against un-expected downtime?

> Managed Cloud Features

  • Hosted IT Infrastructure
  • Secure Network Integration
  • Virtual Online Workplace
  • Application Management
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Mobile Device Access

> Managed cloud Benefits

  • Reduced IT Operating Costs – our cloud solution will eliminate the need for purchasing and maintaining costly on-premise hardware.
  • Increased Employee Efficiency & Mobility – equip employees with the tools required to ensure they stay productive, and have access to critical systems anytime, anywhere!
  • Flexible & Scalable – our solution is designed to grow with your business.

> Managed Cloud Options

Managed Private Cloud

  • The days of maintaining a server room and expensive hardware are over! We move your IT infrastructure into our Secure and Redundant Data Centre providing you always on access anywhere in the world integrated through a secure VPN integration.

Virtual Workplace

  • Anywhere Access from any device you want. We will provide your users with thin clients, or leverage your existing devices on any platform, which can access all your business systems from our secure data center.

Managed Applications

  • All your critical business applications available for a simple monthly price, full integrated into our cloud solution, and designed to scale based on your needs.

Cloud Storage

  • With your systems and data stored in our secure & redundant data center, users can work and access systems from anywhere.

Unlimited Remote Support

  • Our team of NOC engineers work in the background to ensure seamless access to all systems, and are available to support your users for all their day to day

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