Cisco router consulting and support

We configure Cisco routers in simple to complex routing environments

At Netdigix, we recognize that routers are the core means by which your network communicates with other networks, and Cisco routers are often a part of your IT network. During our Cisco router consulting service, Netdigix will analyze the needs of your company, where your expected growth trends will lead, and the current available equipment that is best suited to fill your company’s individual needs. Cisco routers currently account for more than 75% of the routers used in information dispersal, and has become a trusted name used in consulting services worldwide, providing security and dependability that is unsurpassed in the industry. Cisco router consulting is an important part of any network build, due to their ability to deliver performance and dependability in high utilization and redundant networks. IT infrastructure requires that a certain level of protection and redundancy is incorporated into the system, to avoid data bottlenecks as well as preventing unnecessary downtime created through the failure of equipment which is unable to handle the network. Through the use of Cisco routers, many of the pitfalls of a network can be avoided, especially when combined with the expertise provided through our managed networking plan. Netdigix offers these plans to businesses of all sizes, and feature Cisco router consulting as a viable hardware solution to provide load balancing and fail over support across multiple platforms, and regardless of the specific direction your network needs to take.Top 5 reasons for choosing Cisco routers:
1. Scalability to meet a company’s growing needs.
2. Customization to provide focus on particular functions.
3. Fail over protection to avoid system downtime.
4. Load balancing to keep the data flowing fast and accurately.
5. Compatibility with other infrastructure componentsIf your company, like so many others in today’s global market, has mobile or home based employees, Cisco routers provide excellent support for VPN and remote desktop support, without ever giving up the data protection you depend on. Coupled with our 24/7 remote monitoring, you are assured of data transmission and connectivity both on the LAN, and through globally available connections to the outside world. Furthermore, Cisco router consulting can show you how load balancing and fail over protection offer a higher level of system performance.