Wireless networking setup, support & installation

Vancouver Wireless networking installation & consulting for small & medium sized businesses

Netdigix offers wireless access configuration services for small and medium sized businesses. Wireless access is great for mobility around the office if you have laptop users, Tablet PC’s or users that visit the office and do not require a hard wired ethernet link. Netdigix can offer its services to:

¤ Setup a wireless network
¤ Add additional wireless access points
¤ Secure your wireless network
¤ Wireless printer setups
¤ Wireless 802.11G/B/A
¤ Optimize and troubleshoot wireless networks

Wireless access security

Without securing your wireless access points you are leaving yourself completely vulnerable to the outside world. Anyone with a laptop or wireless device within your access point range can easily connect to your network and launch attacks, sniff network traffic and steal your data such as files, banking information and passwords. These hackers or intruders can also launch malicious activities such as sending spam and downloading/viewing illegal content. At netdigix we will help you take all the necessary steps to secure your wireless network with such technologies as WEP and high encryption keys.

Optimize and troubleshoot wireless networks

Netdigix can help you troubleshoot broken or low performing, unstable wireless networks and help to optimize its performance. We have tools that can best determine how to get the most signal strength from your wireless network.

Wireless Printers & printing

Printers can now be wireless on the network by configuring wireless print servers or implimenting Network over Power (power lines/Wall outlets). This enables printers to be located at any location in the office and non dependant on a Network drop/Ethernet port being located there.

Where can wireless access be used?

¤ Business offices
¤ Medical offices such as dental and doctor
¤ Warehouses
¤ Hotels and Restaurants
¤ Meeting places and convention centers
¤ Any location where internet access is needed!

What are some of the wireless devices available?

¤ Cisco wireless routers
¤ EnGenius wireless access points and routers
¤ Cisco Linksys wireless routers & access points

Different types of wireless access

There are many types of applications where a wireless access point can be used both as a general way to enable users to have internet access and to extend the network to locations that do not have a wired connection. In either case Netdigix can help recommend and deploy the right wireless solution that fits your needs.