Windows 10

Now that Microsoft has officially launched Windows 10, many businesses are wondering whether or not they should upgrade all of the computers in the office from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to the new operating system. There may be some compatibility issues with existing hardware, software and network configurations, for example, but many of these can be suitably addressed by our team of expert technicians.

While many of the new features in Windows 10 appear to be geared toward the average consumer, business users can also benefit greatly from the upgrade.

Customizable Start Menu

One of the most common complaints users had about Windows 8 was the elimination of the traditional Start Menu in favour of the Start Screen. With Windows 10, Microsoft has not only re-introduced the Start Menu, but it has added some great new features.

The new Start Menu represents a hybrid of the two old systems. It combines the traditional hierarchical menu structure with the Live Tiles of the Start Screen. Just like in Windows 8, these tiles can be re-sized and re-arranged at will, but now the entire layout of the new Start Menu can be fully customized too.

Cortana Digital Assistant

The iPhone has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows 10 has Cortana. Similar to the other digital assistants, Cortana can be accessed and used via voice alone to look up information on the Internet and to perform select functions.

The utility of Cortana will continue to expand over time and, through its integration with the Start Menu, the digital assistant can proactively retrieve information for you. For instance, it can remind you of upcoming appointments or provide you with current weather conditions.

Continuum Mode

A lot has changed in these last few years in terms of the types of devices being used by the general public. In particular, tablets and convertible PCs are increasing in popularity, providing users with the convenience of portability and the productivity of the full PC experience.

The new Continuum Mode in Windows 10 builds on that paradigm. When a tablet is used on its own, Windows 10 can offer a more touch-oriented interface. When that tablet or 2-in-1 computer is placed in a keyboard dock, it can automatically switch to a more conventional desktop interface for maximum productivity.

Task View

As the display space on tablets and ultraportables can come at quite the premium, Microsoft has now added a feature called Task View that supports virtual desktops. This is similar to how Mission Control works in Mac OS X, making it easier to segment and organize multiple program windows into multiple virtual desktops.

Windows Hello

Remembering a strong password to log into your computer is important, but it can also be a cumbersome nuisance that users have simply come to tolerate. With Windows 10, you will have another option: facial recognition with compatible hardware. The specialized webcam can scan for the appropriate user face and log in accordingly. This is in addition to existing options like fingerprint scanners.

For more about how Windows 10 can integrate into your company’s IT infrastructure, or for help with any of your computing and technology needs, schedule a consultation with one of our Netdigix solution specialists today.