Tape backup support & Disaster recovery consulting

Providing services for Tape backup hardware & software in Vancouver

Looking for a tape backup or a storage solution? Netdigix specializes in backup solutions for small business and data storage from 10GB to 120TB with Network attached storage solutions. Netdigix works with multiple vendors such as HP, Dell, Sony, IBM, Veritas backup exec, Yosemite and many others to help bring you the best solutions available.

Backup solutions that work for you
¤ Online Backups
¤ Virtualization and Replication
¤ Server and File server backups
¤ Multiple server backups
¤ Desktop backups
¤ Exchange, Sharepoint and MSSQL Backups
¤ Linux and Windows server backups
¤ Backup and disaster recovery planning
¤ Tape backup and Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Tape backup solutions

Tape solutions run from a centeral server location and can be used to do complete or partial backups of critical data. Tapes can be taken offsite and complete backups can be put on multiple tapes for additional redundancy.

Network attached storage solutions (NAS)

Network Attached Storage generally consists of hard disk arrays connected by Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet or Fiber channel. Network attached storage is generally much faster then tape backup systems and can additional space can be added as needed.

Why do you need a tape backup and disaster recovery plan?
If the hard drive on your desktop or file server crashed today how much of your critical business data would be lost? could you possibly recover your company from the data lost from a crash? statistics show that 43% businesses that have severe data loss due to a crash never re-open and up to 70% of companies that have total or serious data loss go out of business in 12 months. This is the situation that can be easily prevented by implementing a good backup solution. Netdigix can help you plan a backup and recovery solution so give us a call today to discuss the backup solutions available for your company.

What are some of the vendors and technologies Netdigix support?
¤ Netdigix is a Veritas/Symantec backup exec partner/reseller
¤ Netdigix is a Yosemite Backup partner/reseller
¤ DAT, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, DLT, Super DLT, 8mm, VXA
¤ Major vendor hardware such as IBM, HP, DELL, Sony, Quantum/Seagate

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