Vancouver server maintenance

onsite server maintenance & computer maintenance

Netdigix offers regularly scheduled or one time server maintenance services for Windows server, Linux servers and desktops. Netdigix has developed a list of procedures and checks to make sure your servers are running at optimal performance. Following a regular management and maintenance schedule reduces administrationand server downtime, it will also help keep your servers running fast, stable and reliable.Netdigix can setup a regularly scheduled server maintenance schedule for weekly or monthly site visits, and in most cases we can automate the maintenance of your server. Weather you need a one time check-up or ongoing support/maintenance package, Netdigix can accommodate your environment.

Windows server maintenance & technical support

Server Maintenance takes a number for forms. In Vancouver, Netdigix offers service contracts that include hardware server maintenance as well as server maintenance on software applications, such as windows Server 2003, and the newly released Windows Server 2008.

Windows server maintenance for Windows 2003 Small business edition, Windows 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server. Netdigix takes our industry knowledge and experience as well as incorporating Microsoft’s best practices to create the ultimate server maintenance package and server checks. Our checks include patching, log audits and other diagnostics.

Windows computer maintenance & technical support

Windows computer maintenance for Windows XP Professional. We maintain the desktop operating system as well as desktop programs such as Microsoft Office Suite and Outlook.

Linux server maintenance, upgrades & support

Linux Server maintenance for distributions such as Redhat, Centos, Debian, Suse, Mandrake. Netdigix supports Apache, Samba, Mysql and other server based Linux applications. Netdigix can also help you program scripts and applications to help you maintain your servers or perform a certain function.

Network maintenance, upgrades & support

Netdigix maintaines your network for networks and networking equipment such as Cisco, Linux, Sonicwall, HP, Linux and other major brands of network hardware.