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Today’s world of business is far more connected than it has ever been before and it is critically important for any business to have a fast, robust, secure and reliable connection to the Internet for all of its staff. At Netdigix, we are not tied to any internet service providers. This gives us the unique ability to work on the most cost-effective and most appropriate connection solution to meet the specific needs of your particular business.

Don’t be fooled. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to internet connectivity, just as there is not a universal IT hardware and software solution that will work under all circumstances. With our key expertise in IT managed services, network infrastructure, IT consulting and tech support, we are uniquely positioned to recommend the ideal Internet connection solution for your situation.

Internet Solutions for Businesses

Whether you desire the more straightforward connectivity of cable Internet or ADSL Internet, or you require the higher capacity and faster speeds that a fiber optic connection can provide, we can literally hook you up with the best service for you. Our solutions experts can set you up with a redundant configuration, a remotely accessible wireless Internet connection or any number of other more advanced configurations that can empower your business and your employees to work smarter, faster and more effectively.

We connect you with the broad range of Internet connectivity options from such providers as Shaw, Telus, TeraGo Networks and Rogers Datacentres for a customized solution. For an even more robust connection, our skilled technicians can amaze you with multi-homed support, connecting to two or more networks or having two or more network addresses at the same time. We also provide cloud integration for a range of business and enterprise services, as well as firewall and network integration.

At Netdigix, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the peace of mind of true end-to-end setup and support. Get in touch with our sales engineers today to discuss how we can solve all of your business IT and connectivity needs.

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