Status Category Activities Recommendations
Projects / Implementations  Updated the report, change the view.  We have a number of projects on the go, IATSE, Corporate, Equipco.
Opportunities  Working on a number of opportunities, but minimal close rate increases.  We are working on improving our project management, and engineer participation in the sales process with our Operations vendor Sea Level Operations.
Risks  3 new risks created in June
Change Management  1 change completed without a change request.  We are reiterating the Change Management policy to ensure we are on track.
Dispatch  Monique has joined the team, and is learning Dispatch in the last 2 weeks.  She is currently working on gaining efficiency each day.
On-Call Team  Added AnswerConnect to our on-call tools.

Still having the H-S Tool VPN tunnel go down each week and Garibaldi has issues with Disk ongoing.

 Recommend replacing router for H-S tools, in the colocation so that the vpn tunnel can auto connect.
Help Desk Status  Open Support tickets are down in June.
Revenue  Revenue for Jun decreased from May, but is up from April  Need to put higher emphasis on equipment sales, and project labour.