The Advantages to Outsourcing Computing and Storage Resources

Welcome to the revolution!

In times of uncertainty, to move forward one must adapt. 2020 and the ongoing pandemic has shifted the dynamics in the workplace as well as in business structure. Cloud hosting is the way of the future! An on – demand computing and storage resources provider is beneficial to both the client and service provider. Let’s find out why!

Tight budget? No problem!

Other styles of hosting have fixed monthly rates that lack flexibility which isn’t ideal if you find you aren’t making use of the server’s resources. Managing and maintaining in-house data centers is even more financially straining considering the cost of purchasing hardware, hiring knowledgeable staff, and conducting routine maintenance and updates. Cloud hosting offers a flexible pricing structure giving clients the opportunity to scale as needed. With a pay-as-you- go pricing model, clients can ramp up their resources when expecting a surge in traffic and wind them back down once they’ve finished riding the wave.

Nervous? Don’t be!

Going to sleep at night has never been easier. An advantage to cloud hosting is its multi-server hosting architecture which makes disaster recovery a pain-free process! If the server network is down or is experiencing technical difficulty, the site can be transferred to another server within seconds.

Lagging? Not an issue!

Cloud hosting provides scalability as well as improved performance. Hosting in the cloud allows you to spread your data across interconnected servers. The use of multiple servers leads to increased availability and balances the load to avoid strain on any one individual server.

Always on the go? Take it with you!

Cloud hosting provides convenience and collaboration inside of the office and out! Any user with permission and a stable internet connection can access data stored on the cloud. This makes it possible for companies to provide efficient customer service from anywhere around the world.

Still unsure? Let’s change that!

A question that is often asked is “‘how safe is my data?” Data breaches are detrimental to a company. As a result of a breach, a company’s revenue stream, brand image, and customer loyalty can be gravely affected. Cloud storage providers offer baseline protections, and advanced security measures such as a 2-factor authentication system which when put into practice can equate to a secure and isolated cloud hosting environment.

Is Cloud Hosting right for you? Ask us to learn more!

Cloud computing is the fastest growing IT sector in the world, the number of businesses adopting cloud practices is steadily increasing with each passing year. For those seeking scalability, improved performance, and control at a budget-friendly price, cloud hosting is the way to go! Click here to schedule a free consultation or to request a quote to find the perfect cloud hosting solution for your business.