Many workplaces are making the switch to remote work, because of this shift it’s imperative that a strong endpoint security be integrated into an organization’s cyber strategy. Stay secure with the next – generation of threat protection, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) a security solution that protects both the business and the remote worker from online threats.

Threat patterns are constantly evolving and cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, making them even harder to detect. Switch to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that is keeping up with cutting edge cyber technologies. We harness the power of AI to analyze multiple data points, detect threats in near-real time, and take action if a response is necessary.

What is EDR?

Endpoint detection and response is an integrated approach to endpoint protection. It addresses the need for efficient responses to advanced threats through real-time continuous monitoring and endpoint data analytics with rule-based automated responses.

EDR solutions search for threat patterns and block any unwanted activity or anomalies around your files, keeping you safe 24/7! Let’s break it down, an endpoint detection and response system does the following;

  1. Monitors and collects data from endpoints that could indicate a threat.
  2. Analyzes data to identify threat patterns.
  3. Automatically responds to identified threats by way of containment or removal, and notifies security personnel.
  4. Continues to monitor for threats and suspicious activities.

Is Endpoint Detection and Response right for you?

Endpoint Detection and Response is an efficient way to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber risks. It provides businesses with the ability to quickly recover from ransomware or other forms of attacks. Here are 4 key benefits;

  1. Help prevent cyberattacks.
    • Response to threats in near real time.
  2. Advanced threat blocking with behavioural AI.
    • Better determine the origin of attacks.
  3. Accurate filtering.
    • A decrease in false positive events which allows less threats to go unnoticed.
  4. Efficient responses through automation.
    • Automated responses for threat containment.
    • Remediate attacks by reversing the effects.
    • Compromised files are identified and replaced.

Customer service satisfaction and protection.

Today’s digital landscape requires new & innovative methods of protection. At Netdigix, we strive to keep our customers secure at all times. Stay ahead of online threats, Get in touch if Endpoint Detection and Response seems like the right move for you!