Extend the Life of Your Windows Laptop with These Tricks of the Trade!

You know the feeling; you see it coming and a feeling of disappointment and minor panic start to gather in your stomach. The percentage is decreasing, the little battery icon is blinking, and your beloved laptop is going to go dark if you don’t do something about it! 

Check out our quick-fire ways to increase your Windows laptop battery life and keep that battery-panic to a minimum! 

1) Use the Windows Battery Performance Slider 

The Windows Battery Performance Slider groups all of the settings that affect battery life into a few simple categories. Let’s focus on the two categories that will HELP your battery last longer. 

  • Better Battery Mode: This setting delivers longer battery life than the default or ‘recommended’ setting on many PCs. 
  • Battery Saver Mode: This is a slider option that will only appear if your laptop is unplugged. It reduced the display brightness by 30%, prevents Windows update downloads, stops the Mail app from syncing and will suspend most background apps from running. 

2) Turn off Unused Applications or Use Airplane Mode 

Easily compare this to turning off the lights in a room once it is vacant; when you are finished and leaving the room, turn off the light! The same goes for applications you no longer need to use! 

Turning on Airplane mode will eliminate a significant source of battery drain. It will block wireless signals, background applications and push notifications. 

3) Pay Attention to Airflow and Heat 

If your battery gets too hot, it will shorten its lifespan. 

Keep the ventilation ports and fans clear of any dust and debris! Use a can of compressed air to help with this. 

Also, avoid blocking the vents with any blankets, pillows or fabrics, as this can overheat the battery. 

In short, keep your laptop on a smooth flat surface to ensure proper ventilation! 

4) Keep a Battery Backup on Hand 

Finally, you can always invest in additional hardware which could help extend your battery life. 

Having a simple portable charger or a spare battery can save you when you least expect it! 

These external power sources can easily plug into your laptop, just like the charger does, and they will boost the battery right back up! 

Final Thoughts: 

Your laptop will thank you if you follow these simple ways to extend its battery life. The battery is like the blood of the laptop; keep it healthy and clean and your laptop will run a long and happy life!