Status Category Activities Recommendations
System Reporting and Analysis  Actively monitoring 11 server Devices 13 Network devices and 16 desktops.  No critical alerts active which shows a very stable environment.
Security Patch Updates  Weekly Patching  Weekly patching of the server environment has kept the servers up to date with Microsofts patching.
Managed Security / Firewall  Current security is being handled by cisco ASA firewalls  The firewall is proactively keeping malicious attempts to access your network at bay. To lower your radar detection it is best not to visit sites that are known to have detectable code embedded.  It is recommended that Firewalls be upgraded in the future to Cisco Firepower service and Cisco Umbrella service for all desktops.
Helpdesk Tickets  For the past 3 months you have had 78 managed services tickets  34 severity 1 alerts and 73 severity 2 alerts  Looking good. Most issues are minor.
Backup / Disaster Recovery  Backups are working on the Veeam backup system to the local/internal SAN.  Backup status is good, offsite backups are currently not being done to an offsite secure facility.  It is recommended that cloud backups be done.
Email/Spam Filtering  Email spam system is being done through the Netdigix Barracuda  Barracuda is working very hard. A lot of the spam could be prevented by not giving out your email address to random companies.  Cisco Umbrella DNS security is recommended.
Aging Equipment  10 Workstations out of warranty.  Implement a 5 year refresh cycle replacing all out of warranty desktops in 2018.
Current Projects  No current projects at this time  No current projects scheduled at this time however there have been several project recommended by Netdigix to be reviewed and approved by management.