Status Category Activities Recommendations
System Reporting and Analysis  Actively monitoring 4 Devices and detected 36 unmanaged devices. Sent PDF to client of detailed asset report.  No alerts received which shows a very stable environment.
Security Patch Updates  1354 patches were installed and previewed.  It shows 30 updates are waiting to install on your server. Recommend rebooting so patches can install.
Managed Security / Firewall  26,064 attempted attacks on the client network, 19,000 port scans dropped, 14 ip spoofs, and 17,792 intrusion attempts.  It appear that the client could be on someone’s radar. With the extreme amount of attempts. The firewall is proactively keeping malicious attempts to access your network at bay. To lower your radar detection it is best not to visit sites that are known to have detectable code embedded.
Helpdesk Tickets  For the past 3 months you have had 83 resolved tickets with our professional and helpdesk teams  Looking good. Most issues are very minor.
Backup / Disaster Recovery  Backup Retention / Billing concern.  Ran a complete report for 3 months: Need to discuss. We should have an engineer come out an reevaluate your retention rules. An easy suggestion would be limit what you choose to keep or save.
Email/Spam Filtering  For the month of March 18123 spam emails were identified. 16,000 were invalid. 3095 spam beacons were detected.  Barracuda is working very hard. A lot of the spam could be prevented by not giving out your email address to random companies.
Aging Equipment  5 Workstations and 1 Server are over 5 years old and out of warranty.  Implement a 5 year refresh cycle replacing 30% of the machines each year.
Current Projects  No current projects at this time  No current projects scheduled at this time.