Cisco switch consulting & support

Configuration, installation & support for Cisco switches

A company’s network depends on the ability to get information from its source to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, and where routers accomplish this between a LAN and the outside world, Cisco switches are an effective method of distributing data on the LAN itself. Our Cisco switch consulting services can point out the benefits of having an enterprise level switches, and how they differ from routers and hubs in network architecture.Features that are prominent in Cisco Switch consulting:

  • Support for data, voice, and video services.
  • Rate limiting and security filtering.
  • High environmental tolerances
  • Compatibility and scalability
  • Load balancing support

Designed with networks ranging from small business to multi-branch Enterprise applications in mind, our Cisco switch consulting will provide the facts required to get the most out of a network in the most cost effective way. Netdigix understands that the functioning of every network component is critical to efficient operation, and our Cisco switch consulting will illustrate how equipment is combined to provide a safe, secure network that is free of transmission errors and able to serve the requirements of even the most demand IT applications.

Why use a cisco switch in your network?

It’s easy to explain why a Cisco switch may be the solution for any successful company. Your business depends on the stability and flexibility of the network that supports it. Secretaries need to be able to type reports and file documents. Clients want to be shown presentations, and field representatives need the support of the home office. And behind the scenes in all of this, the dependability of a Cisco switch forges the connections that make it all happen. At first, you may think that a Cisco switch is not responsible for moving data out of the office into the field, but consider that within the office, a Cisco switch is maneuvering information between servers, passing email from station to station, and providing the basic groundwork that allows information to be processed.

The research department is formulating new ideas, placing them into the secure environment of the network, and moving to other tasks, never giving a second thought to the invisible pathways that information takes after it has been saved on a workstation. But a Cisco switch may be the device which plots those unseen paths, or passes the information from one server to another, so that it can be transmitted through a router and out into the laptop of a salesperson who is making the proverbial deal of the century, many miles away.

When looked at in this way, it is easy to see how important a Cisco switch could be to your business, and equally easy to understand how vital it is to you that the network is being operated with the proven equipment that only an industry leader like Cisco can provide. At Netdigix, we look ahead, ensuring that every connection is fast and secure, because we know that even when every bit of data is not going to be that record making deal, the system has to be working the way it should when those precious moments come around.