Here are 6 key features every business user should know to enhance the way their team communicates and collaborates on Microsoft Teams.

1. Meetings

Interactive meetings in Teams, with audio/video feeds for each participating attendee, used to be limited to hold 300 people. Now this limit has increased to 1,000, with view-only meetings increasing attendees to 10,000.

Host live webinars on Microsoft Teams.

2. Live Webinars

COVID-19 has changed the digital landscape, online events have been the new norm since the beginning of the pandemic. Microsoft Teams can also be used as a live event platform!
Head to your calendar > click on the arrow beside ‘New meeting’ > then click ‘Live event.’ 300 people will have full interactivity upon joining your live webinar while up to 20,000 others can tune in and enjoy a view-only experience.

3. Together Mode

With many employees working from home and only a few left in the office, it’s likely your team might be feeling a bit disconnected. Together Mode attempts to bridge the geographical gap by bringing together the feeds of all participants into one display. Change the background and chat with fellow colleagues; Together mode will brighten up your remote work day!

Together Mode brings coworkers together. Easily change the background and bring your feeds together.

4. Presenter View

While the screen sharing feature is widely used by many, try switching to Presenter View when sharing PowerPoint slide decks. The ‘Share Content’ section allows you to select a file to share rather than sharing your screen. This gives you the ability to still look at your notes, view current and upcoming slides, and see your audience.

Presenter View on Microsoft Teams. Share files with coworkers seamlessly.

5. Tabs

The Tabs feature is visible at the top of every conversation. They give you quick access to your most-used tools, files, and services! Static tabs support each individual user and configurable tabs are part of your Teams channel and deliver content within group chats.

6. Slash Commands

A simple ‘/‘ inserted before your search can help you navigate Microsoft Teams more efficiently. Slash commands can be used to;

  • Update your status
  • Find a recent file (/Files)
  • Call someone in your team (/Call)
  • Access a specific channel (/GoTo)