Microsoft Office 365 cloud based productivity suite.

Take it to the Cloud!

Collaborate, communicate, and create efficiently? Yes, please! Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based suite allowing you access to all of your Microsoft favourites from anywhere around the world! Office 365 offers tools like Word, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, Skype, and many more. There are various benefits for small and medium sized businesses to switch to this cloud based platform including an increase in employee productivity and overall profitability. Microsoft’s productivity suite provides updated functions that allow for a seamless online user experience, offering easy access at any time! And yes, that includes access on mobile devices! 

Here are 6 key benefits of switching to Office 365 for business:

Remote Access

Microsoft Office 365 gives your business the ability to store all of your files up in the cloud. These files can then be accessed from any device around the globe as long as there’s a stable internet connection. If your small to medium sized enterprise needs to be on call or access information on – the – go, this might be right for you! 

Improved Communication

Avoid miscommunication, the pesky process of downloading multiple applications, and delayed responses. Office 365 gives its users the proper tools to keep communication centralized and straightforward! Teams, Outlook, and Skype are but a few features that keep you in immediate contact with the rest of your team. 

You Get What You Pay For

One subscription per user per month. Can’t get anymore straightforward than that! Paying a monthly fee per user allows you to better budget your IT spend for the year ahead. There are zero unexpected costs and upgrades are already included in the cost of the licence. 

Secure Storage

Office 365 offers secure cloud storage for its users, with security measures such as 2 factor authentication, threat detection, and anti-malware; security concerns are not on the horizon. 

Disaster? No Problem! 

A secure cloud storage offers more than just protection from cyber threats. With files securely stored and backed up regularly; operations can continue smoothly in the case of a disaster in the office. Microsoft Exchange also offers data recovery which means emails, or even inboxes have the ability to be restored. 

Easy Upgrades

Essential Office 365 applications are included and are online. What does this mean? No pesky software installations! Upgrades are performed automatically and periodically to ensure your programs are running efficiently.

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